Project GraphicBio

Dr. Candida Rifkind, University of Winnipeg

Graphic Biography Symposium (GENG 7820/ENGL 4740)

The ten students in my Winter 2017 Graphic Biography seminar are presenting their course papers in a public symposium two Wednesday evenings in a row (March 29th and April 5th) at UWinnipeg.

Graphic Biography Symposium
Department of English
University of Winnipeg
March 29th & April 5th
1L12 (1st floor Lockhart)

Wednesday Mar. 29th 1L12
6:00-7:15pm Chair: Dr. Bruno Cornellier
Panel 1: Ethics and Graphics: Chanie Wenjack & Margaret Sanger

Colleen Chau, “Gordon Downie and Jeff Lemire’s Secret Path: The Communicative Aspect of Silence”
Taylor Daigneault, “White Noise: Settler and Foreign Artists’ Framing of Indigenous Biographies”
Max Bledstein, “Pastiche as Pedagogy: Reclaiming Stereotypes in Peter Bagge’s Woman Rebel”

Wednesday Mar.29th 1L12
7:30-8:45pm Chair: Dr. Naomi Hamer
Panel 2: Body and Spectacle: André the Giant & Ana Mendieta

Dylan Jones, “Wrestling with Legends: The Biomythological Elements in Box Brown’s André the Giant”
Mylène Cooney, “Repeating Second-Wave Feminism in Christine Redfern and Caro Caron’s Who is Ana Mendieta?”
Dunja Kovačević, “An Archive of Traces: Addressing the Absent Body of Biography in Who is Ana Mendieta?”

Wednesday Apr. 5th 1L12
6:00-7:15pm Chair: Dr. Andrew Burke
Panel 3: Resurrection and Insurrection: Marie Curie & Nat Turner

Sara Jantzen, “Impressionism and the Mythologized Subject in Redniss's Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout”
Allison Norris, “Radioactive Images: Biography, Science, and Séance”
Jon Bitton, “Exploring Religiosity in Kyle Baker’s Nat Turner”
Matt Dueck, “Blood and Paper: Mediated Violence and Comics Formalism in Kyle Baker’s Nat Turner”